The following individuals have contributed significantly to the development of the Centre, and without their involvement the Centre would not exist today:
Professor Leahy has over 30 years experience in drug discovery and development working as scientist, manager and entrepreneur in innovative new technology, strategic change, and business start ­up. Professor Leahy was Founder of Cyprotex and Molplex, and now he is proprietor of “The Discovery Bus Ltd” a new company developing AI technologies for the Life Sciences.
CEO and Co-Founder of Clinical Persona. Prior to Clinical Persona, he served as Vice President and Chief Scientist at Pathwork Diagnostics, Inc., leading the informatics department and delivering predictive algorithms for two FDA-cleared genomics tests for cancer. Dr. Buturovic is the first inventor on two US patents related to applications of genomics in cancer diagnostics.
Co-Founder and president of the Mycologist's Association of Serbia. Author of the book "Gljive Srbije i zapadnog Balkana" (eng. "Fungi of Serbia and Western Balkans"). Author of 25 episodes of TV series "Priče iz prirode" (eng. "Stories from Nature"). Co-author and editor of the book "Carstvo gljiva" (eng. "Kingdom of Fungi"). Main author of the book "Jestive gljive i lišajevi" (eng. "Edible fungi and lichens").
Owner of BGV Logik, a company specialised in education and publishing. Co-Founder and secretary of the Mycologists' Association of Serbia. Producer of TV series "Priče iz prirode" (eng. "Stories from Nature"). Organiser of over dozen exhibitions of fungi. Publisher of the book "Gljive Srbije i Zapadnog Balkana" (en. Fungi of Serbia and the Western Balkans) and author of over 1100 photographs of different fungal species in the book.