Damjan Krstajic Bio

I am a freelancer with 25 years of experience in software development, software testing, machine learning, and general predictive modelling. I have developed and maintained several automated machine learning systems, as well as systems for testing them. I like to design in advance, write nice and neat code, test as much as possible, and to finish my work with proper documentation. I enjoy solving practical scientific problems and tackling complex statistical issues.

Over the last two decades I have had 3 long professional collaborations with prof dr David E Leahy (25 years), dr Ljubomir Buturovic (10 years) and dr Simon Thomas (over 15 years).

I am proud of our paper on cross-validation pitfalls (over 900 citations), my critical assessment of conformal predictions and my work on "I don't know" predictions.

Since 2007, as the director of the Research Centre for Cheminformatics in Serbia, we have been exporting scientific computing, predictive models, and statistical consultancy to clients in the UK and USA. Below is the list of major clients:

  • OncoStem Diagnostics (India)
  • Opportunity Pharma (UK)
  • Inflammatix (USA)
  • Clinical Persona (USA)
  • Cyprotex (UK)
  • Pathwork Diagnostics (USA)
  • Northern Institute of Cancer Research (UK)
  • Institute for Cancer Research (UK)
  • Cancer Research Technology (UK)
  • I have a statatistical consultancy company Stat Centar

    My Google Scholar.

    I publish newspaper articles on a regular basis in leading Serbian newspapers (Politika and Danas) on various subjects, but mostly regarding science and statistics.

    In my spare time I develop the aloom R package.


    1. Neznanje u veštačkoj inteligenciji (en. Ignorance in artificial intelligence)
      Damjan Krstajic
      6th October 2021, Mathematical Institute, Serbian Academy of Science (Virtual)

    Book chapters:

    1. Non-applicability Domain. The Benefits of Defining “I Don't Know” in Artificial Intelligence
      Damjan Krstajic
      Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery (Chapter 6)

    Scientific publications:

    1. Critical Assessment of Conformal Prediction Methods Applied in Binary Classification Settings
      Damjan Krstajic
      Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2021 61 (10), 4823-4826
      DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.1c00549
    2. The Costs and Potential Benefits of Introducing the “I Don’t Know” Answer in Binary Classification Settings
      Damjan Krstajic
      Preprints 2021, 2021080521 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202108.0521.v1)
    3. Missed opportunities in large scale comparison of QSAR and conformal prediction methods and their applications in drug discovery
      Damjan Krstajic
      Journal of Cheminformatics (2019)
    4. No association between donor telomere length and outcomes after allogeneic unrelated hematopoietic cell transplant in patients with acute leukemia
      S. Gadalla, T. Wang, D. Loftus, L. Friedman, C. Dagnall, M. Haagenson, S.R Spellman, L. Buturovic, M. Blauwkamp, J. Shelton, K. Fleischhauer, K.C. Hsu, M.R. Verneris, D. Krstajic, B. Hicks, K. Jones, S.J. Lee, S.A. Savage
      Bone Marrow Transplantation (2017)
    5. Binary classification models with Uncertain predictions
      D. Krstajic, L. Buturovic, S. Thomas, D.E. Leahy
    6. How real is the random censorship model in medical studies?
      Damjan Krstajic
    7. Why comparing survival curves between two prognostic subgroups may be misleading
      Damjan Krstajic
    8. Derivation of gene expression classifiers for the non-invasive detection of bladder cancer in the hematuria and recurrence surveillance populations.
      Chapman, K.B., Buturovic, L., Qiu, L., Kidd, J., Sheibani, N., Krstajic, D., Friedman, L., Bailen, J.L., Dumbadze, I., Saltzstein, D.R. and Olson, M.T.
      Journal of Clinical Oncology 2016 ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings (Vol. 34, No. 15_suppl, p. 11522)
    9. Reproducibility of telomere length assessment
      D. Krstajic, L. Buturovic
      Int. J. Epidemiol. (2015) doi: 10.1093/ije/dyv167
    10. Cross-validation pitfalls when selecting and assessing regression and classification models.
      D. Krstajic, L.J. Buturovic, D.E. Leahy, S. Thomas
      Journal of Cheminformatics 6(1): 10 (2014)
    11. Raising awareness of fungi in Serbia
      D. Krstajic
      Fungal Conservation, 2012 April; Issue 2: 23-26
    12. Hemodynamic Flow Modeling Through an Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Using Data Mining Tools.
      N. Filipovic, M. Ivanovic, D. Krstajic, M. Kojic
      IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 15(2): 189-194 (2011)
    13. Competitive Workflow: novel software architecture for automating drug design
      J. Cartmell, D. Krstajic, D. E. Leahy
      Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development, 2007 May; 10(3): 347-352
    14. Automated QSPR through Competitive Workflow
      J.Cartmell, S. Enoch, D. Krstajic, D. E. Leahy
      Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design, 2005 Nov; 19(11): 821-833

    Popular articles published in Serbian newspapers:

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    2. Ko proverava naučne nalaze Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 23rd September 2017 (PDF with references)
    3. Neuspesi u naučnim istraživanjima Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 6th January 2018 (PDF with references)
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    11. Zašto 5 odsto? Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 10th November 2018 (PDF with references)
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    21. Orijentacija u nauci Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 1st February 2020 (PDF with references)
    22. Populacija i reprezentativan uzorak Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 28th March 2020 (PDF with references)
    23. Statistike dijagnostičkih testova Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 10th April 2020 (PDF with references)
    24. Zbunjujući faktor Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 24th April 2020 (PDF with references)
    25. Rasprostranjenost indukcije Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 4th July 2020 (PDF with references)
    26. Neznanje u veštačkoj inteligenciji Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 26th December 2020 (PDF with references)
    27. Milove induktivne metode Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 16th January 2021 (PDF with references)
    28. Statistika i uzročnost Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 30th January 2021 (PDF with references)
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    30. Centralno u statistici Politika (Kulturni dodatak) 27th February 2021 (PDF with references)
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    Internet publications:

    1. Is Science a one-way street? (PDF version)
    2. Artificial Intelligence with an “I don’t know” answer (PDF version)
    3. Criticism within Science (PDF version)
    4. How the Journal of Cheminformatics lost my published paper?
    5. Models with "don't know" predictions
    6. Genetic variations in prediction of inflammatory bowel disease occurrence
      D. Krstajic
      Letter to the Editor of the Journal of Digestive Diseases
    7. Klasifikacija živog sveta sa posebnim osvrtom na novu klasifikaciju gljiva (2008) (en. Classification of living matter with emphasis on classification of fungi) PDF
      B. Uzelac, D.Krstajić